Clarifying Aloe Vera & Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

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Product Description
A remarkable mask created to deliver instant results, help stimulate blood circulation, refine and shrink pores.

Isolates the skin from the environment, bringing it into direct contact with ingredients that stimulate blood circulation and oxygenizes the skin. Promotes a glowing, radiantly beautiful complexion.

Instructions for Use:
Spread generously on the face, avoiding the eye area.
  • For sensitive skin: allow to work for 1 minute
  • For dry skin: allow to work for 3 minutes
  • For normal skin: allow to work for 5 minutes
  • For oily and problematic skin: allow to work for 7 minutes
  • For exfoliation (peeling): leave on the face for 10 minutes
Then rinse well with warm water, eliminating any residue with En Gedi ClarifyingToner, then follow with En Gedi Multiactive Hydrating Cream in the morning, and En Gedi Regenerating Night Cream in the evening.
Active Ingredients

Mineral-rich Dead Sea salts and mud - rejuvenate; maintain skin suppleness; impart a radiant look to fatigued skin, firm and repair.
Aloe Vera juice – exuded by the plant’s leaves; rich in Vitamin C and E; disinfects, heals lesions and burns; relaxes and maintains the skin’s moisture levels.
Almond oil - softens, smoothes and nourishes the skin.
Carrot seed oil - rich in carotene and Vitamin A (promotes and accelerates cell regeneration).
Jojoba oil - maintains skin elasticity; restores vitality to fatigued skin.
Rosemary oil - anti-inflammatory; relaxes; stops bleeding; balances oily secretions.
Lavender oil - anti-inflammatory; soothes and refreshes; heals lesions.
Chamomile oil - relaxes; reduces pain; soothes itching; promotes healing of abrasions.
Kaolin, zinc - dries, tightens and absorbs
Price: $35.00