Green Forest Aromatic Bath & Massage Oil

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Product Description

A light aromatic oil that clarifies and conditions the skin while stimulating the senses and harmonizing body and mind.


Effective for treating weakness and depression; invigorates; helps to alleviate ‘flu symptoms; strengthens muscles; valuable in treating hair loss.

Recommended for sufferers from chronic fatigue and rheumatic pain; also for sport lovers.

Instructions for Use:

Shake well until evenly mixed. 

Useful Tips :

Massage – Apply a few drops to the body and massage into the area requiring treatment.

Bath – add several drops of oil to a tub filled with hot water. For best results, soak in the water for up to 20 minutes.

Inhalation – Add several drops to a vaporizer and inhale.

Hot compresses – Soak a towel in hot water; after wringing it out dribble a few drops of oil onto the towel and place it on the treatment area for several minutes.
Active Ingredients

MMineral-rich Dead Sea salts– rejuvenate; maintain skin suppleness; impart a radiant look to fatigued skin.

Jojoba oil– maintains skin flexibility; softens and revitalizes fatigued skin.

Eucalyptus oil– antibacterial; facilitates the opening of air passages; eases coughing, soothes mild skin burns.

Camphor oil– anti-inflammatory; disinfectant; fortifies and refreshes; stimulates blood circulation; soothes pain, burns and bruises; aids digestion; balances body temperature.

Rosemary oil– anti-inflammatory; alleviates all types of pain including rheumatism; highly effective in treating and grooming hair and scalp; repels lice; stops bleeding; balances oily secretions..

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